Joseph Laforte Of Par Funding Discusses How Business Can Evolve During Times of Crisis.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2020 / Joseph LaForte at Par Funding, has released a look at how industries can continue to evolve in times of crisis: a comprehensive look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries and what businesses must do in order to evolve, support their communities, and continue to do vital business in the midst of a crisis situation.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Joseph LaForte has continued to successfully advise the thousands of businesses that rely on Par Funding for their financial growth and stability. Now, he is offering that advice to other business owners who are looking for ways to keep their business growing or pivot what they can offer their customers in spite of the dire situation in which many businesses find themselves today.

Around the country, many businesses are still subject to full and partially shutdown orders. Still others must pivot their efforts in order to reflect social distancing protocols. While these situations are unique, unlike any that business owners have faced in the past, LaForte gives business owners a guidebook for how they can navigate their businesses through these complex situations, providing them with exceptional tools and insights that can aid them as they determine how to adapt and even grow in response to the pandemic.

Joseph LaForte has always worked to help the businesses he advises see increased financial growth. In fact, he has aided many businesses in their journey to financial success, including helping the businesses that turn to Par Funding for their needs driving more than a billion dollars in profits over the course of the past several years. Now, he’s taking that exceptional knowledge, long-term skill, and experience in the financial industry to provide a map that can help many businesses as they navigate the difficulties associated with the pandemic, including raising their efforts to improve what they can deliver to their customers.

It’s not just about allowing social distancing within the business itself or picking up cleaning measures to help decrease the risk of disease transmission. Business owners must carefully consider what they can continue to provide their customers in the wake of the current situation, including what services and products customers need now more than ever. Through LaForte’s guidance, small business owners will learn critical information about:

  • How to pivot their business operations to meet the changing needs of their customers, including what new services customers are looking for in light of the pandemic and how businesses can increase those offerings without substantially increasing costs.
  • How to shift marketing and reach to help address the current needs of consumers, including finding those consumers where they are in uncertain times.
  • Determining what new products and services your industry can offer, including those that can not only aid your customers, but also help your business find prosperity even in the midst of incredibly challenging circumstances.

LaForte is no stranger to economic turmoil or circumstances that could spell immense difficulty for a business. In his time at Par Funding, he has helped guide the business through periods of economic instability and uncertainty, including dynamic industry changes that have, in the past, spelled ruin for similar businesses. Thanks to his advice, however, Par Funding has not only weathered those potential storms, it has continued to see immense growth and even established a place for itself in the industry. Not only has LaForte worked to take advantage of and build community initiatives, he has helped establish and implement technological advances that help advance the business-and he’s prepared to help many other businesses do the same as they determine how to handle the COVID-19 crisis.

The current crisis is no different from others that LaForte has weathered across the course of his career. Savvy business owners, notes Laforte, are already pivoting their business to help respond to the community in the midst of the pandemic. Not only does this enable many businesses to give back to their local communities, frontline healthcare workers, and individuals who are struggling the most during the pandemic, it’s great branding: customers want to see that the companies they trust most are taking the steps needed to improve what they can offer the community as a whole in the midst of the pandemic. Fabrication no longer has a place in the industry; instead, businesses must showcase how they’re genuinely providing for their customers and their communities in the middle of the pandemic.

LaForte has also identified many of the other steps these business owners need to take in light of the changing circumstances related to the pandemic. As circumstances continue to evolve, business owners must be prepared to react fast, whether they’re working to reopen their businesses or considering the measures that will help keep customers safe. Thanks to LaForte’s experience and guidance, many businesses will be in a better position to launch the response needed in the midst of the pandemic.

About Joseph LaForte

From minor league baseball to his current position at Par Funding, Joe Laforte shows an incredible dedication to his job that has made him one of the best innovators and leaders in the small business finance industry. He is known throughout the industry for many key factors, including his dedication to professionalism, his expertise in finances, and his leadership abilities.

Joseph LaForte and his team have successfully closed over $500 million in small business funding, his hands on approach and quick turnaround has earned him a reputation as the number one option for small business seeking short term cash flow solutions. Joseph maintains a fantastic reputation within the industry, both with other industry professionals and with his companies. He is dedicated to a high standard of performance and ensuring that Par Funding continues providing the legendary customer service to every client.


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